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Property Management

At Torkian Capital, we work to improve our surrounding communities, increase the quality and performance of our properties, and give our residents and tenants the best possible service. With this in mind, we strive to work on initiatives that create precedents, provide our industry with fresh viewpoints, and inspire pride in our partners. Below are some of the properties that we manage within Los Angeles.

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To deliver you transparent, accurate, and simple-to-understand accounting reports catered to your specific needs, we combine our in-depth real estate accounting experience with market-leading property management accounting software. From tenant receipts to monthly payments, insurance, property taxes, and any other obligations related to your property, we can handle every part of your property's accounting. There are never any additional fees when you employ us because we provide a full variety of accounting services that are all included in your monthly management fee.

  1. Online Portal for Tenants - Every one of our renters has access to a personal tenant portal where they can access a range of services around the clock.

  2. We take pride in promptly responding to accounting questions since we are aware of how valuable your money and investments are to you. If you have any issues concerning your accounting, our live in-house accounting department is here to help. We can quickly create custom reports for you in Excel and PDF formats, which we may email to you.

  3. Successful property management is a result of our meticulous resident selection. Torkian  Capital  meticulously screens each application using credit reporting agencies and demands a good credit history. References from former landlords and current employers are checked. Additionally, Torkian Capital performs a 50-state public records search to see whether any applicants have a history of eviction.

  4. All required routine maintenance is inspected, scheduled, and overseen by Riviera. We take pride in our portfolio and perform yearly inspections to ensure that your investment is kept in excellent condition. We also offer suggestions on how to make each property seem better and advertise it better. Our well-established network of qualified subcontractors is equipped to handle any repairs required and is available to respond whenever an issue arises.

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